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RGB to Hex

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About RGB to Hex

What is a RGB to Hex?


These 256 colors are represented because of the values 0 – 255. In order to transform an RGB color code to a hex color code, you may want to transform every one of the values individually. Let's examine the color crimson as an example. The RGB color code for crimson is RGB.


How is it beneficial?


There is no advantage in the use of color names over hex or RGB values. It can be extra readable for a few however it restricts the colors that you could use, there are not 16 million named colors. Technically there's no difference.


How to use it?


  1. Take the first number, 220, and divide it through 16. 220 / 16 = 13.75, this means that the first digit of the 6-digit hex color code is 13, or D.

  2. Take the rest of the first digit, 0.75, and multiply by 16. 0.75 (16) = 12, this means that the second digit of the 6-digit hex color code is 12, or C.